Saturday, 28 November 2015

Thin Mint Cookies

52 Weeks Of Cookies:  Week 22

You can find the recipe for these on Baking Bites

I have not been having much success trying out new recipes lately...

I didn't change much about these other than I didn't have any dark chocolate for the chocolate coating so I used semi sweet (and then I wasn't paying attention to the microwave to realize that I had put the chocolate in there for far too long to melt it and it burnt just a smidge.

Here's the thing... the dough was incredibly dry!  It took a lot of effort to make 2 logs out of the dough because it kept crumbling apart.

I did manage to get 2 logs put together and put them in the freezer (I don't recall for how long but when I took them out they were solid).  So solid in fact that they were nearly impossible to slice apart.  And so my 2nd alteration was that my cookies were likely quite a bit thicker than they were supposed to be.

Anywho, John was over and helped me ice them.  We decided to not dip them into the chocolate because it was a little on the thick side and instead just put it on top.  They turned out alright... but definitely nothing to write home about.

If I really wanted to make mint chocolate cookies again I think I would stick to a basic chocolate cookie recipe and throw in some mint chocolate chips.  Sounds delicious to me!

I'm also going to try another mint cookie recipe next month to try to make up for these.

Because I know there is something better out there these only get a 3/10.

Last week I made some Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies

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